The prime interest is in constructing and operating on the microwave bands e.g. 1Ghz and above, plus the millimeter bands of 24Ghz and above, although I do dabble a bit on 4meters and also HF.
This picture at the right, shows the antenna system circa 2010, comprising a 1296Mhz quadloop yagi; a 9 ele yagi for 432Mhz, a 144Mhz 8 element yagi and the 10Ghz 20dB horn antenna with a 1 watt transverter behind it. Lower down still is the 1296Mhz preamp.
In 2011 I removed the 10GHz system and put a receive only 24GHz system on the mast, shown left, equipped with a 20dB horn antenna, for monitoring propagation on the local 24GHz beacon GB3SCK over a 40km path. See the 24Ghz page for more details
The operator using the home-brew HF a mad moment!
Plus Hattie the rescued cat keeping the equipment warm

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The Station
The station  is located at Barton on Sea, Hampshire located close to the New Forest at locator IO90ER07 and WAB square SZ29 and also close to the waters edge!

Experimental webcam here.